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Audio Art Sdn Bhd is established since 1999, an audio professional in the home theatre, cinematic and entertainment equipment and accessories. As a role of distributor, Audio Art offers best system, high quality collection of audio, project, technical and installation service to Ipoh and other region.  We focus the brand from Europe, Japan such as Oehlbach, Taga Harmony, Heco, Magnat, Soulnote, etc. User can find any range of product such as cable, speaker, projector, projector screen, furniture, fuse and more in Audio Art.

In 2015, Audio Art establishes an e-commerce platform, Audioart E-Store to promote our product selling online. A comprehensive information of audio series can be found in our website. Audio Art always aims to satisfy user’s need and priority. 

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Audio Art is manned by the very friendly owner and fellow hifi/home theater enthusiast.

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ADAM , B.M.C Audio , Boston acoustic , Denon ,BenQ......